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An Excursion to the World's Most Beautiful Places

Traveling the highways and byways of the earth's globe, searching for new frontiers and cultures of the unknown is a never ending adventure. The experiences, climate and wonders are as varied as Mother Nature could master. Whether your preferences include getting close to nature in a rainforest, sunning on a Caribbean beach while sipping a Marquretta, filming wild animals on the plans of Africa, jet-setting a big city's night life or climbing to the top of the highest peak - there is a hotel, resort or inn close by that will enhance your adventure.

Island Life and the Caribbean Experience

The perfect place to do nothing except sun yourself and bath in the ocean is on the island View of St. Peters Basilica, Italy of Mayreau - part of a 50-mile chain of unspoiled isles between the countries of St. Vincent and Grenada. At the southern end of the West Indies, the Grenadine Islands separate the Caribbean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean. Barbados is to the east and among one of the most popular leisure-time destinations in the Caribbean. The blue waters, golden sands, warm surf and coral reefs are known to divers and deep sea fishermen through-out the world. The luxury resorts and casinos are melted into the landscape and offer accommodations as varied as the landscapes. The rugged coast of Costa Rica invites travelers to lush tropical rainforests and mountains that climb up into the sky. Onward to Puerto Rico and the atmosphere of the bustle of Old San Juan and fantastic View of Dolphins Playing in the Caribbean beaches stretching miles beyond the horizon. Duty-free shopping and world-renown cuisine are escalated by the casinos and nightlife.

Treasures of Europe

The cosmopolitan atmosphere of Paris is full of excitement and electrifying opportunities for shopping, nightlife and treasures of yesteryear. However... one must realize that France is just not Paris alone. Heading south from Paris, across the flat expanse of France's grain belt is Loire Valley, where France's kings and nobles of the past came to hunt and enjoy life away from the city bustle and build their country castles. The Loire is France's longest river and at its beginnings it flows from a volcanic mound high in the Massif Central. The Loire Valley, known as the Val de Loire - a lush green broad valley which is marked by church steeples, farm houses, vineyards, chateaus and villages is known for their Saint Jeanne d'Arc. Traveling north in Europe - the northern waters of Strynevatnet Lake which encompasses the remote dairy village of Fosness View of a Rainforest is in the corner of western Norway. The Friaren waterfall flows down from Geirangerfjorden - one of the most-visited of the steep-walled sea inlets on Norway's mountainous coast. The city of Brugge, Belgian is one of the most colorful in Europe... was named for its many 14th century stone bridges and arches spanning the many canals which lead to the Great Marketplace of shops and cafes.

Traveling in the mighty Himalayas - one may visit the kingdom of Bhutan, which was sealed off from the rest of the world until the later part of the 20th century. Bhutan is where fortress castles house government buildings, soothsayers reside on army bases and civilian officials wear three-foot-long swords.

Wonders of North America

Off Vancouver Island, in the narrow Johnstone Strait one can view an 8,000 pound killer whale accrobating through the air while pursuing its search for salmon. This being the world's largest known population of the killer whale. A cruise to the frozen glaciers of Alaska and glimpses of wildlife such as puffins, harbor seals and black bears in Glacier Bay can only be matched by visions of the northern lights. The winter heat of the west and enjoying a game of golf in mid January, views of the Grand Canyon and/or participating in the Mardi Gras in New Orleans may be your preference. Our world of today holds no barrier for adventure and travel.

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